Elixir of the Sea

As the waves and currents have been forming the shores, carving the stone cliffs of Costa Brava they are making our wines evolve in a completely unique way… A pure gift from mother nature into your wine glasses.

The way only the raw power of the sea is able to.

A wine

… to become the unmistakably unique ELIXIR, has to go through a long journey. This journey starts in the renowned Priorat D.O.Q. of Spain.

The winery producing our wines is one of the oldest of the region, using new techniques combined with the recovered ancestral ones of the monks from centuries ago. The soil is based on red clay, silt and slate which already gives the grapes a unique touch right from the beginning of their journey to the world of limited edition wines to the Mediterranean Sea.
Costa Brava has been recognized as the hot spot in terms of marine biodiversity.
Our wines are aging submerged into these waters which are known of the richest nutrients constantly supplied by the healthiest currents from the marine parks of Cap de Creus and Medes Islands. The constant motion of the sea gently rocks the cradle of our bottles.

This is the place where mother nature is adding the unique notes of the sea.


“Gergo and Mariona’s commitment to quality, innovation and to working with only the best partners shows in every drop of an ElixSea wine.
Elegant yet powerful, every bottle is a unique piece of art.

Every wine lover should try these!”

Sharon Grundy

DipWSET, WSET Educator and Founder of Wine Courses Barcelona


“At first, we have been skeptical if the wine stored in the sea will exceed the quality of the cellar wine.
But with the first glass of the LegaSea our team of wine experts was more than convinced of the astonishing quality and taste of the underwater wine.
Our customers were also thrilled – the first vintage was sold out within days!”

Heiko Schimeczek

Managing director at Collectors Wine World – Exclusive partner for ElixSea in Germany


“I had the opportunity to experience a direct comparison between the wine that was stored for 6 months in the cellar and the same wine that was allowed to rest for the same time at a depth of about 20m.
What was shown to me was and is extraordinary. “

Ángeles Tegtmeyer

Dipl.WSET, International wine trade consultant

Our Underwater Winery..

..has been designed with innovative technology after years of experimenting for underwater aging. Our underwater structures were engineered to increase the growth of marine life in the area, provide shelter for the smaller inhabitants and improve the aging of the wines through the marine currents. We are working with an experienced team of scientists from some of the top research centers.

We are committed

Elixsea Beverages is committed to and supports the conservation of our planet and we are working close with NGOs and research centres to protect, create and promote a new underwater ecosystem.

About us

Gergő Borbély

How did a bottle of Hungarian wine end up in the middle of the jungle in Thailand, and how did Spanish wines learn to dive?

I am a wine enthusiast and a diving instructor. My diving jobs have taken me to several places from the warm seas of Southeast Asia to the crystal clear waters of Iceland. Shark dives, volcanic lakes, glacier waterfalls, hidden caves… you name it. During these adventures, only two things have become my permanent companions. One is a bottle of wine from my father’s small winery which has always been the source of the best ideas. The other one is my partner Mariona, who I am lucky enough to share these adventures and special moments with.

One night after a crazy hiking day in 2017, deep in the Thai jungle, we were sipping the last bottle of wine that I had brought from home. We were talking about the idea of a perfect life. Passion, adventure and hobby combined. That was the night when the concept of our company was born. Lots of learning, researching, experimenting filled with our hopes and dreams. We were onto something big: to grab the essence of passion, wine and adventure. That is how The Elixir of the Sea came to life. The one for the special moments.

It has become my mission to find the best wines in the world that were made with love and passion. Then to add the flavour of adventure and to share them with those who are about to have the conversation of their idea of a perfect life (either in a jungle or at home).

Mariona Alabau Peyra

I got a double degree in Environmental Science and Nutrition, although nature is the thing that has always stolen my heart. Therefore, I got my master’s degree in Biodiversity Conservation.

As I worked and learned more about the natural environment, I came to the realization that we need to change the way we are using our resources. With my passion for the sea I have been living and working on five continents as a diving instructor.

71% of our planet is covered by water. I had a feeling that we should do something with this percentage. When I met Gergo, we saw the possibility of bringing the world of agriculture under the sea, conserving the values through this new activity and giving something different to society.

Why underwater aging?

The uniqueness of the sea. High pressure, the silence of the depth, constant temperatures, the absence of light and noises, currents, and the constant tide changes affected by the Moon.

In these conditions wine evolves faster, it becomes more complex, and it transforms in a way that could never be achieved on land.

Meanwhile the underwater winery becomes an artificial reef. A shelter for many different species. A perfect place for us to study and improve. Sustainability and conservation of the ecosystem are our foundation stone: to create, promote and protect a new underwater ecosystem.

Our wines

Sea Star 2018

A grenache that has journeyed from the altitude of Priorat to the bottom of the sea. Coming from the very same lands on which the Carthusian monks cultivated these grapes in the 12th century.

Pure fruit, freshness, elegance and depth. Its tannins were matured and softened by the constant gentle motion of the sea.
Announces itself with intensive cranberry, fresh strawberry and white pepper notes, accompanied by the dry, earthy sensation that is coming from the typical clay and llicorella soil of the area.
Nice length on the palate, remarkable persistence and as a result of underwater aging an exceptionally mature character compared to its youth.
Its high quality will allow us to enjoy it for several years.

This wine should be paired with grilled meats, oily fish, cheese, Iberian ham, tapas and all kinds of pasta dishes or salads.

  • Limited edition: 960 bottles
  • 100% Grenache
  • Area: Priorat D.O.Ca
  • Time underwater: 6 months
  • Year: 2018
  • Alc: 14% vol
  • Vol: 0,75 l

LegaSea 2017

A wine made with carefully selected grapes from different small plots. This care during all the elaboration gives a result to a red with the fullness of aromas.

A wine with personality. Breathes the tradition and authenticity of hundreds of years of experience in winemaking combined with marine enology. Intense, lingering aromas of red and black fruits, wild strawberries, blackberries, violet floral nuances are underlain with supple spiciness and toasty notes. It is all squeezed into this bottle, then sank beneath the waves of Costa Brava to emerge after 6 months of underwater aging as something you have never dreamed of. The Legacy of the Sea.

  • Limited edition: 1801 bottles
  • Time in barrel: 12 months (French oak)
  • grapes: Grenache, carignan ,cabernet sauvignon and syrah
  • Area: Priorat D.O.Q.
  • Time underwater: 6 months
  • Year: 2018
  • Alc: 14% vol
  • Vol: 0,75 l


The Age’n Sea Project was created to offer the opportunity of innovation to wine cellars by aging their products under the sea. This method will also allow them to stand out in a competitive market and open new possibilities outside of their borders.

ElixSea is constantly working in research and development through universities, and research centers to innovate in our facilities, through our products and services.


ElixSea works and collaborates with people and organizations that share our passion and choose to see the positive change in our planet. We are constantly working on improving our installations in order to promote and create artificial reefs where various species can find shelter and reproduce.

In the meantime, we are working with NGOs and research centres to help the growth and nesting of cephalopods.

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